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Day Skipper

Course Content

The Day Skipper course takes the form of six training modules and exercises and there are references to the current RYA exercise booklet linked to all sections. The modules are as follows:

Module1 - Understanding charts. 
Module 2 - Tides
Module 3 - Navigating
Module 4 - Weather 
Module 5 - Pilotage. and IRPCS
Module 6 - Seamanship and safety at sea

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RYA Day Skipper Course

The pack?

The pack contents

  • A Memory Stick or CD  
  • Plotter
  • Dividers
  • Training Almanac
  • RYA Exercises booklet
  • Chart Symbols book
  • Day Skipper shore based notes
  • Two practice charts
  • New! RYA Electronic chart simulator


Once you start a course you need back up - for marking of modules quickly and if you are struggling with a subject.

With SeaNavigate you don't struggle; - you ask! You can contact us 5 days a week by telephone (0930 - 1630 UT), fax or email and we will guide you through the problem. At busy times we aim to get back to you within the day.


There is a time limit of one year set on the course, this helps us to cope with students marking needs, but more importantly, it helps the student focus. It is best to complete the course in a period of around three to four months.


Exercises can be returned for marking via post or email and in some cases by fax. We try to check your work and send comments back within the day, but this is not always possible. At busy times this may take a little longer.

Exam Sheets

On completion of all modules, you are sent two exam sheets, one to cover chart work and the other seamanship. On correct completion of these we will send you an "RYA Day Skipper Shore Based Certificate". Don't worry if you are not ready after completing the modules. you and i will both know it! I will simply send out extra exercises on your weak areas, before you take on the exams

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Course Price

The Day Skipper Shore Based Correspondence Course costs £300 for all listed materials and limitless support.


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RYA Day Skipper Course

Day Skipper

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